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Sketch Your Style!

Sketch Your Style!

To get a bride to share a wedding planning secret takes a lot of work, but we got it out of her!  This ‘step’ in the gown searching process should literally be added to the ‘Bible’ of wedding planning!

Anna Bandaryan from Pasadena, told us about the details of her wedding planning and one thing kept popping up every single time she mentioned about how she wanted to look on her Big Day.

Yes, she is a trendy diva who does not miss a tend look that hits the runaways and the fashion world!  She noticed that whenever she wore dresses with the sweetheart cut, she not only loved the look and felt sexy, but she also got lots and lots of compliments on how the cut goes so well with her physique.  Every occasion, celebration gatherings she attended, she wore corset sweetheart tops with pants and skirts to give it a change from time to time.  So 7 years later when her and her high school prom date decided to tie the knot, she started sketching for her dream gown.

She mentioned how she would stay up all night searching the web, looking into the most trendy styles, and still could not point the finger on a single cut, style, or shade that would make her go to sleep that night.

So over breakfast one morning she tells her mom how she is stressing over the gown-search and her mom gave the most brilliant idea… basically project how she would like to look on her wedding day based on what how she likes to dress herself up… sketch down the ultimate look for herself and then convert or sort of transform that look to the bridal gown look!

What an IDEA!  Thank you Anna’s mom!