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Snack Your Way to a Beautiful Body!

Snack Your Way to a Beautiful Body!

I work with a lot of brides who are working on shaping up for their wedding day. I often hear them say that they are trying their hardest NOT to snack between meals in hopes of losing weight fast.

Imagine their surprise when I tell them that snacking will actually HELP them lose weight!

Of course, the right type of snacking is key.

One of the main misconceptions is that a “snack” is an unhealthy, empty calorie meal such as chips, candy, cookies & pastries.

In my book, those types of foods are not snacks, they are “special treats.” You may “treat” yourself to these non-nutritious foods in moderation on an occasional basis (perhaps once or twice a month).

A “SNACK” is a different story altogether.

Eating small, protein- and fiber-rich snacks between meals helps keep your blood-sugar levels balanced. This not only improves your body’s ability to burn fat, but also reduces risk factors for heart disease by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Frequent eating also prevents afternoon or late-night binges on empty calories.

I recommend that your mid-morning snack consist of fruit + protein and your mid-afternoon snack consist of vegetables + protein.

Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks:

MID-MORNING SNACKS (fruit + protein)

  • Lowfat cottage cheese & mixed berries
  • Frozen grapes & almonds
  • Nonfat yogurt, sunflower seeds & any type of fruit
  • Orange slices & cashews
  • Apple & peanut butter
  • Homemade fruit smoothies with yogurt or whey protein powder (beware of high-sugar, high-calorie smoothies that you don’t make yourself)

MID-AFTERNOON SNACKS (vegetables + protein)

  • Broccoli & yogurt
  • Cherry tomatoes & light string cheese
  • Carrots, akmak crackers & hummus
  • Lettuce leaf wrapped around a slice of turkey or chicken
  • Low-sodium chicken broth with any frozen veggies & a few slivered almonds
  • Egg whites with veggies
  • Air popped popcorn & a few raw almonds
  • Protein-rich dip & raw veggies (carrots, snap peas, celery, bell peppers, baby tomatoes). Some of my favorite protein dips are hummus, peanut butter, cottage cheese mixed with a little mustard, or yogurt mixed with a little salsa.

No more feeling guilty for snacking between meals! Just make sure you’re making the right choices so that you’ll look & feel your best on your big day.