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Spring is Just Around the Corner! Make Way for these Spring 2016 Makeup Trends

Spring is Just Around the Corner! Make Way for these Spring 2016 Makeup Trends

Spring easily becomes one of the fashionista’s favorite times of the year. The season of transition and transformation, Spring is a time to pack away the chilly outerwear or Winter and begin the smooth move into Summer fun. Spring also brings about an opportunity to begin breaking in new color palettes and moving away from the darker colors of Winter makeup.

With that in mind, here are 4 Spring makeup trends that we just can’t wait to try out this season!

Candy Apple Lips

The red lip is undeniably never out of style — but a particular shade will always pique someone’s interest at any given time. This spring? Candy apple! Look for bright and fun colors that will stand out on your lips, inviting onlookers to take a second glance at the perfect shade you’ve found for yourself.

Brilliant Blue Eyes

Whether you choose a smoldering navy shadow or a slim and electric eyeliner, we’re seeing blue pop up all over eyes. Line your lids with just a touch of blue, or let it really stand out by applying it all over your lid and lower lash line — blue eyeshadow is so not just 1980 anymore!

Lashes for Days

Long and lush and luxurious, oh my! We’re seeing lashes that are plump, lashes that are long, lashes that are spiky — lashes that do just about anything they want. This Spring will be a great time to start experimenting with extensions, falsies, or just playing with new mascara wands and applications.

Peachy Pink Lids

Spring is a season for peach everywhere — tiny pink buds that poke out along trees, slim flowers that break free from the cold Winter soil, and most notably, sleek peach glosses that we slather over our chapped and Winter-bitten lips. This Spring, we’re seeing peach somewhere new — eyeshadow! Look for a peach that accompanies your skin well, whether it’s a nearly translucent hue or a vivid opaque color. Just be careful not to spread it too low beneath your lids, or you may end up looking more fainty than fashionable.

Are you already vying for Spring? Let us know in the comments what Spring fashions you’re excited for, and which makeup trends you’ll be trying this Spring!