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Five Ways to Stay Hot & Trendy This Spring

Five Ways to Stay Hot & Trendy This Spring

Happy Spring, homies! I’m super excited that winter is finally over! Before long, we’ll be able to start shedding the sweaters and snow boots. Which means that it’s time to start working on your Spring wardrobe! Woohoo! Here are five ways to keep up with the Spring trends of 2019.

1. Go crazy with the animal print. Yeah baby! It’s time to rock that animal print on your shoes, pants, shirts, headbands, handbags, belts and nails! Go all out and don’t let anyone judge you.

2. Incorporate lavender tones into your wardrobe. This Spring, people are going crazy over light purple. Finally lavender is getting some showtime! Find a shade that suits you and flaunt it with pride! You can experiment with more purple or more pink tones.

3. Shorts and blazers? At least give it a try. Believe it or not, this is really a thing! And it’s going to be all the rage before you know it. So get ahead of the game and try it this Spring. You may just find yourself in love with the new look!

4. Get on your hat game. I love hats. Bucket hats, fedoras, big floppy sun hats… Hats provide great protection for your skin, and they keep you looking super chic. What could be better?! The time to start your hat collection is NOW.

5. Plaid, plaid, plaid. It’s that simple. Plaid is tried and true. It’s always fashionable. If you’re ever at a loss for what to wear, plaid is your trusty go-to that will keep you looking on fleek.

Bonus Tip: Be yourself!! In the end, fashion is about you and your own unique style. So add your personal flair to your outfits. Build your wardrobe the way you want it. Create a style that you feel comfortable in.

That’s all for now, ladies! Here’s to Spring!