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Don’t Sweat it! You Can Stay Hydrated Out There

Don’t Sweat it! You Can Stay Hydrated Out There

As the steamy days of summer come upon us, it’s important to remember how dangerous that heat can be.

When the temperatures rise and the humidity soars, our bodies need to work hard to maintain the proper levels of salt, potassium and other minerals. As we perspire, we lose not only those key elements but also the water that carries them.

Heat exhaustion can hit us if we don’t take care of ourselves while working or playing in the summer weather. If we aren’t careful, we can be hit with dizziness, nausea, and headache.

So what should a summer-loving person do to stave off heat-related issues?

Best Drinks for Maintaining Hydration

1. Water

Drinking water is the key. It is the easiest way to stay hydrated. Our bodies are more than half water, which carries nutrients, flushes out toxins and keeps all of our organs functional. If plain water isn’t refreshing or tasty enough for you, it’s easy to add a little zip. A slice of lemon, lime or orange adds flavor. Muddled mint leaves can up the freshness as can a drop or two of fresh berry juice. Remember, too, that seltzer water counts as hydration and might be more refreshing.

2. Sports Drinks

If you are running, playing a sport or working outdoors, sports drinks can be great for preventing dehydration. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and salt, so it isn’t a great idea to use them as a regular beverage. But if you are feeling shaky out there, or if you are in fact engaged in strenuous work on a very hot day, using a sports drink with potassium and sodium can keep you balanced.

3. Eating Your Water

Here’s some good news! Eating the right foods can keep you well hydrated! Many fruits and vegetables are high in water. Foods like watermelon, citrus fruits, berries, even celery, and lettuce are delicious ways to stay in balance. Soups and smoothies are another way to add hydration as well as nutrition.

4. What to Avoid

Now that you know what you should do to stay healthy and happy in the sun, you need to think about what to avoid on hot days. According to Prevention magazine, you need to stay far away from soda, which can increase dehydration and damage the kidneys. Unfortunately for some, alcoholic drinks also increase dehydration and are something you need to avoid in order to stay healthy.

Enjoy these beautiful hot days, but remember to keep yourself well hydrated while you do! s