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Bringing Style Home With Fresh Cut Flowers

Bringing Style Home With Fresh Cut Flowers

Floral arrangements bring an air of sophistication and individual style to any room in the home. In addition fresh cut flowers also brighten both your rooms and your mood as well as acting as a pick-me-up for any visitors. Using fresh cut flowers in the home is a great, cost effective way to bring nature into your home in a colorful and vibrant way.

Classic Roses

Roses are an absolute classic choice when it comes to flowers in the home. The rich colors of various types of roses are great. A single arrangement of red roses as a centerpiece on a dining room table can draw the eye and create a classic and sophisticated focal point. If you’re going for a more rustic look then dahlias can be a great choice. The rustic approach to the use of fresh flowers can be enhanced by using a ceramic vase in earth tones.

Enhance The Living Room

The living room space offers a number of great opportunities to use fresh flowers to make a bold and classic statement. Of course, using flowers also brings a sense of lightness and fresh outdoor vibrancy to the living room. Try a free standing arrangement on a stand alone pedestal to draw the eye and create a focal point. Sometimes, light floral tones are highly effective. A few white roses or forsythia in a tall crystal vase or a few vases side by side on a window sill can create a great effect.

A Bedroom Oasis

The bedroom should be a haven from the stresses of the outside world. Create a softer and more welcoming ambiance and add a dash of romance with arrangements that feature a variety of different blooms. There’s no need to break the bank for bedroom arrangements. Simple and value-for-money arrangements featuring peonies, lavender and daisies give a lighthearted and casual style infusion for bedrooms.

Outdoor Entertainment

If you want to liven up your outdoor activities then fresh cut flowers are great. Cut the heads from a variety of flowers such as gardenias and dahlias and float them in a shallow bowl filled with water. For added ambiance, add some floating candles. This is an arrangement that looks great on the patio table.

Kitchen Class

An arrangement of fresh flowers in the kitchen enhances that feeling of comfort and relaxation in one of the most important gathering places in the house. However, be careful to use flowers that are hardy. Warm air and constant motion can cause less hardy types to wilt quickly. A great choice is ranunculus. Go for that rustic look with a tin container. It’s safer than glass in a room which sometimes sees a lot of activity.

The Smallest Rooms

Bathrooms can certainly benefit from an arrangement of fresh flowers. Brighten up the bathroom with flowers, but take care not to overpower the space. Bathrooms can be small so think small when selecting your flowers. Miniature varieties are great such as small rose buds. You can also go the minimalist route and use a single orchid in a ceramic vase. These are both beautiful and striking and some varieties have a wonderful fragrance.

Some other considerations include tailoring your floral arrangements to the season, for instance, violets and yellow crocuses are fantastic spring choices. You can also save considerable amounts of money by visiting your local farmers market to get the freshest flowers. Also, keep a look out for containers and vases at your local flea markets. You can pick up some striking pieces and often a hidden antique gem or two.

Fresh cut flowers are great for livening up a home and provide a sense of warmth and individual style. Exercise your creativity and take your living space to a whole new level.

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