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Summer Hair Style Trends for 2017

Summer Hair Style Trends for 2017

Now that we are in the full swing of summer, us ladies like to find ways to work with the heat while still feeling good about our hair. It is a known fact that heat and humidity affect hair, creating frizz, fly aways and just unwanted overall messiness. But this year, these stylist-recommended hairstyles embrace the natural, messy and even bed-head look! Who would’ve thought?

So forget the products that promise a perfect look. Whether you have straight or wavy hair in whatever length, you will be sure to find a summer hair style that will suit you. Here are a few quick and simple ones to play with as you enjoy the warmth of the summer sun.

Classic Beach Waves – Everyone knows this look and it never fails during the summer. A very simple way to achieve this is to apply mousse and sea-salt spray to damp hair, then scrunch it up with hands and let air dry for tousled locks.

Messy High Ponytail – Gather your hair into a ponytail high on your head. The higher the better. Don’t worry so much if tiny hairs stick out on the sides of your head, or if the hair on top of your head has volume – it adds to the messy, summer-y look. Add sea-salt spray to the ponytail and scrunch up to ensure it looks messy throughout the day.

Bed-head Look – This is probably the most relaxed, low-maintenance look out of all the styles. Hot weather can really make it hard to style your hair, so sporting a textured bed-head look is an easy way to go. It works best on medium to shorter hair lengths, but any hair type can achieve this look. Simply brush your hair first, then gently rinse it with cold water without tangling your strands. Briskly dry with a towel and then let it air dry. The trick is not to touch your hair as it’s drying! Finally, add texturizing spray to finish the look.

Imperfect Bob – Sometimes cutting your hair shorter is ideal during heat waves. The imperfect bob works for all hair types. If you have straight hair, try a more dramatic look by keeping it sleek with an imperfect, zig-zag part down the middle. But those with wavy hair can try the “wet hair trend” by parting it on the side, adding mousse to damp hair, scrunching up and leaving to air dry.

Braided High Ponytail – This is probably the most stylish of the hair styles. Here’s how it works. First, make a sleek high ponytail. If you have wavy hair, flatten it down by adding hairspray to your brush and brushing your hair back tightly while making your ponytail. Then make a messy fishtail braid. If the braid begins to fall apart during the day, tie it up into a bun, and voila! You have a messy plaited bun.

Romantic Low Bun – Gather your hair gently into a relaxed, low bun at the back of your head. Again, don’t worry about hair strands falling to the sides of your face, the loose-hair look is what summer is all about. Then if you wish, add a barrette in the bun for an added romantic look.

Remember to keep your hairstyle fun, textured and messy! Embrace your natural hair and let it be free in the summer sun. After all, what is summer without letting go? And that includes your hair too!