Faux glow – check. Perfect summer playlist – check. Tan enhancing nail polish trends – check x4. These four dreamy nail hues will not only keep you trending but also enhance your summer glow. That’s right, people… #NailedIt.

Musing Matte White

Start the summer off with a blank canvas ready for all your musings and create a look that contrasts beautifully against a fresh summer glow. White is showing up on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Kate Hudson this summer and it isn’t any wonder. This blank slate is not only a great way to make a summer tan pop but also a perfect starter base for some of the season’s favorite nail art looks… map print anyone? You know you already have it on your Wanderlust Pinterest board!

Cinderella Blue

You won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight with the latest blue hue to hit summer skies. Cinderella blue is a real beauty that looks amazing with a faux glow and even better if you layer coats. Remember to let each coat dry completely before applying another layer or you run the risk of that dreaded bunched up section of nail polish that drives you crazy until you bite that sucker off… and we all know how attractive that can be.

This Wine Tastes Like No Work Tomorrow

Your favorite Merlot is coming to your nail polish drawer – just don’t drink it. While we usually think of this shade for fall, Merlot was all over the summer runway and is now creeping into nail hues. Try this look with a grunge-vibe style with a throwback 90’s feel. This deep, dark shade will also make your tan look even deeper.

Smells Like Teen Spirit… Looks Like Peanut Butter

Nirvana browns are hot for summer. Think ice-cream cone taupe, peanut butter browns and lux shades that border on a brownish-purple. This trend looks so sultry when paired with a fresh, rich tan, creating that sexy illusion of skin in the buff.

A faux glow and a trending nail are two summer accessories that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. From a day by the shore to a day with your for-always man crush, your summer skin and nail duo are the perfect backdrop to any perfect date night, OOTD or new road trip tattoo you could ever snag. So go ahead – go faux… and then? Nail it.