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Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Summertime weddings are especially romantic and free-spirited. There’s something about the warmer days and longer nights that make this time of year the most popular season to celebrate love. 

There’s no denying the summer heat this time of year but with some careful planning on your end, you can embrace the sunshine and even incorporate it into your special day! 

One great way to add a taste of summer to your wedding is with your wedding cake. You can take advantage of bold, refreshing flavors, bright themes and festive garnishes. Get the most out of peak blooming season by incorporating seasonal ingredients and produce. 

Refreshing, citrus flavors like lemons, limes and oranges will keep your guests cool, as will cream based cakes such as orange creamsicle or coconut cream. Some other fun summer cake options include a bright and bold pink lemonade cake, or tropical inspired treats such as a Florida Keys inspired key lime pie cake or a mai tai yellow cake. 

Summer is a great season to incorporate cake alternatives that help you and your guests beat the heat. Try serving dessert options such as sherbert, ice cream bars, and boozy popsicles for a unique twist on tradition. Check out our visual below for more summer cake inspiration or read our complete list of 112 Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season here.