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Start 2018 with Three Survival Skills for All Newlyweds

Start 2018 with Three Survival Skills for All Newlyweds

Now that you have said your vows, and the party is over, it is time to start your new life together. As newlyweds, there are essential survival skills that can set the foundation to make the promise last forever.

Laugh together– Laughter is the best form of therapy. Sharing a laugh can break down walls and open hearts. Laughing also relieves stress, pain, and releases endorphins to the brain that provides us with feelings of happiness.

It is simple, it is free, but it is so VERY powerful.

Here are some easy ways to share a laugh together…

– Watch a funny movie

– Tell your spouse a funny story from your workday

– Find comedies that are coming to your city and buy tickets for the both of you

– Ability to laugh at yourself

Ask for your spouse’s opinion– Whether you really need some advice, or you think that you have things all figured out, ask your spouse what he/she thinks on the matter. By doing this, you are letting them know that their opinion matters to you. Caring about someone’s opinion is one of the greatest signs of respect.

Gratitude Journal– In this fast paced world we live in today, sometimes it is hard to stop spinning. In addition, when we do stop spinning, we just want to jump in the bed and maximize on sleep before restarting the process again. However, before closing your eyes, take 5 minutes each night to write five things you are grateful for. By doing this, you are building your inner gratitude. This allows you to more easily place things in prospective and have a more positive outlook on life.

Keep a small notebook and pen beside, under, or near your bed. If you are not a pen and paper person, just grab your phone and text it to yourself.

Do you have another survival skill? Contact us and let us know yours!