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Five Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Five Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Good morning girls! Who is ready for summer?! I’m raising my hand with the rest of you. I just can’t wait for those sunny days on the beach. I have recently been thinking about how I can keep my skin healthy and happy all summer long. I want to look great and feel great too! So here are five awesome ideas that are super simple but will make a HUGE difference!

1. Hydrate! Your water intake has a huge impact on your skin health. So make your water bottle your new best friend this summer; it should go everywhere with you. Feel free to put collagen, vitamins D and C, lemon, cucumber, or other skin-strengthening things in your water for double the power!

2. Get outside… but don’t you dare skip the sunscreen! This one doesn’t really need a commentary. Your skin desperately needs vitamin D, but it really hate the harmful ultraviolet rays. So that’s that.

3. Go makeup free. I know, I know. This can be difficult. But it’s time to let your hair down. It’s ok if other people see the real you. And it’s way better for your skin. Try going makeup free at least every other day.

4. Go to bed earlier. You need that beauty rest to keep your skin glowing. But instead of staying in bed late in the mornings, try going to bed earlier the night before. You actually sleep better when you go to bed and get up early. And your skin will love that.

5. Use natural skin products. Every skin product out there advertises that they are the No. 1. And it’s hard to choose between them. But the truth is that you really want those products that are all natural. Avoid putting unnatural chemicals on your skin whenever possible. If you want, try out really unprocessed options like coconut oil or egg white. Honestly, they get the job done!

What are your favorite skincare routines? Share in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!