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Tangerine And Honeysuckle For Fall Weddings

Tangerine And Honeysuckle For Fall Weddings

So you are having your wedding in the Fall? Who says Springtime is the only time you can use bright and vivacious colors? Having your wedding in Fall may also give you the green light to use earthy yet striking colors. One of the best color combinations for fall weddings is the combination of tangerine and honeysuckle.

Tangerine is basically the orange hue that you see on a tangerine fruit. A part from the shade of orange, tangerine’s shade can be enhanced when mixed with the vivacious color of honeysuckle. Honeysuckle on the other hand is much milder compared to tangerine, yet it is still considered to be vibrant and energetic. In fact, honeysuckle is considered to be a brave color, which is a dynamic balance of red and pink.

When it comes to choosing colors for your wedding, it is very important to keep in mind the symbolism that each colors bring to the table. Tangerine suits well with both modern and retro themes due to its bold color. A mix of both tangerine and honeysuckle basically brings out the feeling of brightness, happiness and fun in general. Tangerine is often associated with enjoyment, comfort, celebration, the tropics, sunshine and joy of the senses.

Psychologically, it is said that the color tangerine is able to stimulate appetite, boost confidence and self esteem, as well as increase interest in sexuality, which will entice guests with sensual pleasure. When mixed together with the milder honeysuckle, it makes the perfect combination. Honeysuckle is known to be a captivating color that helps to rise the spirits of anyone, and stimulates adrenaline. It is a very nice color to look at, giving a calming effect, and it is also able to pull in waves of nostalgia of the carefree days of Spring and Summer which had gone by.

Mixed with tangerine, honeysuckle will give the wedding a healthy glow which is striking and eye-catching. This color combination works well whether it is during the day or night. The color combination of tangerine and honeysuckle will also create a lively air for your wedding.

If you are looking for a dynamic boost of energy, apply the colors of tangerine and honeysuckle to your wedding decorations. This color combination is rarely used in weddings, which makes it one of the most unique choices. If you are a fan of earthy, energetic colors, the mix of tangerine and honeysuckle will definitely do you justice, especially for Fall weddings.