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Tattoo Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Tattoo Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Over the weekend I ran into some old friends who mentioned about a recent Tattoo Bachelor/Bachelorette Party they had attended.  My first reaction to it was, ‘how weired’ but as she continued telling us about the details, I thought to myself, ‘wow, what a unique idea’.  Apparently Hollywood parties have recently been taken to the next level with tattoo parties, meditation parties, and some that should not be mentioned her for newlyweds.  And so to keep bachelor/bachelorette parties unique and interesting, people are having a Tattoo Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.

The soon to be bride and groom have been into body art and have many tattoos that say who they are and where they have come from.  Most of their friends who are going to be in the wedding party also share some interest in body art fascination that the bride and groom share.  So the best-man and maid-of-honor decided to get a nice suite at a popular hotel in Hollywood and invited the two favorite tattoo artists that the couple goes to often.  The idea was to have anyone who was interested (of course) have the artists do a memorable tattoo to the couple (or simply whatever they wanted) during the bachelor/bachelorette party.  The soon to be bride and groom had initiated a design that symbolizes their love about 2 months ago and the artists did the last touches that night and finally finished the sketch of what they had designed together.

This bachelor/bachelorette party was an all-day event and started around 11am with great food and drinks.  The party continued on until 10pm when the best man and maid-of-honor separated the groups and took their own bunch out to a night in Hollywood.

This is the most interesting bachelor/bachelorette party idea I have ever heard……!