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The Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Planning: Getting Started

The Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Planning: Getting Started


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning. No matter what type of event you want, taking these three steps first will set you up for success later down the road.

Define your vision: Whether by putting together a collection of magazine clips or simply writing out what you want for your nuptials, defining your vision of the perfect day before you get started with the planning process creates a sort of road map, making every other decision that much easier.

Do the guest list now: Every decision you make, outside of the dress, will be dependent on how many people are actually at your wedding. Planning and budgeting for a small wedding of 20 guests is vastly different than planning and budgeting for a guest list of 200, and the variance may alter your food choices, location, and even the size of your wedding party.

Budget: This can take a long, long time; however, as with any large financial undertaking, budgeting for your wedding is the key to a relatively stress-free experience. In general, your costs will break down, percentage-wise, about the same no matter what size or venue you choose, with 40% going to the entire reception (including catering, the cake, linens, etc.). Another 40% (10% each) will go towards flowers, entertainment, photography, and attire for the bride and groom. The remaining 20% will go towards wedding planners, stationary, transportation, and extras (like gifts for the wedding party).