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“The Best Attitude Is Gratitude” Meet the Business Woman of the Year: Ani Keshishian of Anoush Catering

“The Best Attitude Is Gratitude” Meet the Business Woman of the Year: Ani Keshishian of Anoush Catering

Here is an article from Anoush Catering’s Blog site.  Wanted to share the story behind this amazing person who makes it all possible!

“It’s the people surrounding me day in and day out at work who are my inspiration,” says Ani Keshishian, recipient of the 2013 Women in Business Award, presented by the Armenian American Chamber of Commerce.

Ani is the Director of Human Resources for both L.A. Banquets & Anoush Catering, where she works to ensure that all of the company’s employees feel like members of the family. Putting together a close-knit team keeps the business operating smoothly and more importantly keeps her motivated. “Without a hardworking, loyal and dedicated team, I can never be successful.”

Ani embraces her personal motto, “the best attitude is gratitude,” in several charities. She actively participates in the SAK Foundation, a charity established by her family to better the lives of impoverished children in Armenia. “When I see pictures of the children in Armenia, I can’t help but see my own kids reflected in their eyes and smiles. The instinct to help them is great and I’m so glad I can through SAK’s work.”

Since the importance of giving back was instilled in her at a young age by her family, she is today involving her own children in charity projects.

Ani recently bridged her charity work with her professional career by establishing the Charity Outreach Division at L.A. Banquets & Anoush Catering. “Anoush Catering and L.A. Banquets have been the backdrop for so many important events for the people in our community. Our Charity Outreach Division is a way of saying thank you to everyone for always letting us be part of their celebrations and gatherings.”

With gratitude for the people around her and her successes, Ani recognizes that the joy in life is in the journey. “Building and creating lasting memories is the key ingredient. Between my two kids, my career, and an incredibly busy husband, it’s a constant juggling act to maintain a well-balanced and happy life. But being passionate, humble, and willing to learn has made this journey pleasant and rewarding.”