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The Ceremony

The Ceremony

The most important thing to remember is to show up on time. In most cases when the bride & groom arrive late, the church cuts the ceremony shorter from its original 35-40 minutes to 20-25 minutes.

In addition to a shorter ceremony, you will be rushed out since preparation for the next wedding party will need to be made. It is said “It’s bad luck for an unmarried bride to see a married bride”. So you will be rushed out of the church area when the new wedding party arrives.

Often, photography time at the church is minimal due to timing limitations. So try to get as many shots while waiting for the previous ceremony to end or before the following party arrives.

Releasing doves after the ceremony has become popular. It symbolizes and celebrates the newly married couple’s life. Keep in mind when purchasing doves that some pet stores have become familiar with this tradition and will refuse to sell doves if they know. So try to avoid giving the reason for the purchase.