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The Pre-Wedding Event For The Bride: Bachelorette Party Ideas To Consider

The Pre-Wedding Event For The Bride: Bachelorette Party Ideas To Consider

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of reasons to get excited and it seems that there are many things to plan for other than just the wedding itself: from the wedding ceremony to the reception and even to the so-called “pre-wedding” events like the bachelor/bachelorette party. For the bride-to-be, there are great bachelorette party ideas that she or her friends may come up with. The maid-of-honor or a close friend or sibling of the bride usually plans a bachelorette party for the soon-to-be-bride.  Sometimes, the soon-to-be bride is the one tasked for creating a fun and memorable party and shares her ideas with her friends or person planning the girl-bonding affair.  Here are some great ideas for bachelorette parties:

Weekend Getaway With The Girls

One of the many decent bachelorette party ideas that are popular these days is to treat all the ladies to a weekend getaway.  The cost to traveling can add up quickly, so you need to plan ahead and get everyone to chip in for the getaway. Weekend getaways can be very relaxing and exciting, couple of days away with your dear friends. So consider setting up a weekend getaway as one of your bachelorette party ideas.

A Day At The Spa

If you and your girl friends are those types who just want to relax and hang out at the spa, then why don’t you spend a whole day there and take advantage of various spa services? You know you need to be as fresh and as beautiful as possible on your wedding day so spending a day at the spa isn’t such a bad idea for a subtle yet interesting bachelorette party. This may not be one of the most common bachelorette party ideas but a lot of girls prefer to do this. Come to think of it! You get to pamper yourself all day long while you and your ladies have a nice bonding moment. If most of you are busy women, just spending time with each other at the spa and having champagne can definitely count as a party.

Fun Pole Dancing Class

Who’s up for a pole dancing class? Maybe the bride-to-be and her girls can spare some time. Pole dancing can really be fun and exciting especially if you are learning with the ladies. The experience alone can be a breath of fresh air to most of you and take note that you don’t have to come out as a professional pole dancer at the end of the day or learn everything in just one class. You don’t even have to do this all day long because pole dancing is as physical as it can get. You and your girls can go learn pole dancing (just the easier routines) in the morning, head out to the nearest spa in the afternoon and have a girls’ night-out afterwards. That may just be one of the coolest bachelorette party ideas yet.

The Traditional Bachelorette Party

But more often than not, a woman’s list of bachelorette party ideas won’t be complete without considering the traditional wild party with drinks, great music, fun night, bars and of course, male strippers. You and the ladies may try some new party ideas during the day but when nighttime comes, you’ll eventually get back to the pre-wedding customs. A little dancing with a male stripper won’t hurt, right?