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The Reception

The Reception

This is the event which takes most planning time and eats up most of the budget. Do not limit yourself to only Armenian reception halls. Visit local hotels, museums, and unique locations for your day. We are seeing more weddings at locations unique to the couple. This may be due to a changing generation and the need for change

When meeting with various venues, keep in mind the following: Available hours and how late the wedding celebration may last and their cancellation policy. This is very important for you to know. Most engaged couples have the expectation that their wedding will go on as planned; however, in the real world people have been known to call off weddings months before the date due to family emergencies or incidents that will require for a change in the date of the wedding. For that reason, you should have a clear understanding of the vendor’s cancellation policy.

Ask about caterer on site, alcohol licensing, maximum occupancy, linen, additional tables for decorative items, wedding cake, cocktails and hors d’oevred. Inquire on additional lights and other decorative items and videographer cranes if allowed.

You also want to verify if they will allow any ice sculptures, tea services (if they provide), security guards, parking/valet parking fees and timing on how late music can be played.

Finally question the fees per guest and other optional additions. Before concluding, clarify the fee arrangements for booking and deposit to reserve.