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Theme Wedding Ideas to get You Inspired By Intimate Weddings

Theme Wedding Ideas to get You Inspired By Intimate Weddings

As we approach the 2012 Wedding Season, new trends on Wedding Themes have become the top focus by Wedding Planners/Coordinators this year.  Here is a great article by Intimate Weddings on different Wedding Themes.

The possibilities for a themed wedding are only limited by your imagination. Here are just a few theme wedding ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

African safari – Make the wilds of Africa part of your themed wedding. Have animal print tablecloths, guests in safari attire, African food and music, safari themed centerpieces and favors.

Alice in Wonderland – Bring elements of this Lewis Carroll fairytale into your themed wedding. Why not have a tea party? Use Alice in Wonderland character cut outs such as the White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat in your décor. Have the groom dress as the Mad Hatter.

Angel – Bring a celestial charm to your wedding. Cherubs in all shapes and sizes can be used as a motif for all your wedding related decor.Aquatic – Since beach weddings are so popular this is one of the most common themed wedding ideas. Even if you aren’t getting married at the beach or on a boat you can still use elements of the sea in your wedding.

Baseball – Some baseball enthusiasts love the sport so much that they tie the knot on a baseball diamond. If you don’t want to go that far, you can still use baseball as your wedding theme by incorporating this sport into your wedding. Give baseball shaped chocolates as favors, and have your wedding cake made in the shape of a bat and ball. You could even dress the part, and encourage guests to do the same.

Bees – Have these busy little insects as your theme by using the bee motif in your décor. Serve baklava for dessert, and give jars of honey as gifts. Also have your wedding cake made in the shape of a bumblebee.

Butterfly – Are you a butterfly enthusiast? Use the butterfly motif in all aspects of your themed wedding – from the stationery to the wedding cake. If you’re wedding is outdoors, some real ones might even show up!

Carnival – Still a kid inside? Fun theme wedding ideas are to rent carnival games, cotton candy machines, snow cone makers, and other fun items to give your wedding the feeling of a carnival. One thing is for sure: kids will love it.

Cars – Are you and your partner car buffs? Why not make cars part of your wedding theme? Arrive in your favorite car (this might be a ’69 Mustang rather than a traditional limousine). Use model cars in your décor and have the wedding cake made in the shape of a car.

Chocolate- This is one of the yummier theme wedding ideas. If you’re crazy about chocolate (who isn’t), why not use it as your theme? Use rich chocolate browns when decorating. Dark brown candles could be used as centerpieces – so could bowls or baskets filled with fancy chocolates. Also use chocolate place cards – and chocolate favors, and have several chocolate desserts, including a chocolate wedding cake. What about a chocolate fountain?

Cinderella – Although you might have a hard time finding a carriage in the shape of a pumpkin to bring you to your wedding, you can still be Cinderella for the day by taking other elements of this hugely popular fairy tale and incorporating them into your wedding. (Actually you can find a carriage in the shape of a pumpkin – but it’s a cake topper.) Decorate with magic wands, crowns and miniature castles.

Daisies – It’s simple to base the theme of your wedding on this lovely flower. Use daisies in all of your bouquets and centerpieces, and also place candy daisies on top of your wedding cake. Find invitations that include this flower and use pressed daisies on your place cards. Give seed packets of daisies as favors.

Golf – If you and your partner love to spend time on the golf course, why not make it part of your theme? Have the wedding at a golf and country club. Give golf balls (with your names and wedding date) as favors. Have your wedding cake created in the shape of a mini-golf course.

Gothic – Is black your favorite color? Are you crazy about Dracula movies and Ann Rice books? Why not have a gothic wedding? Gothic style weddings aren’t that uncommon. They usually involve plenty of black and they definitely don’t adhere to tradition. A gothic wedding can take place anywhere – from a graveyard to an old mansion.

Mickey Mouse – If you are having your wedding at Disney World, then bringing this popular cartoon character into your wedding will be a breeze. If you’re having the wedding elsewhere, simply use the Mickey Mouse motif in your décor. You could even have someone dress the part and show up during the reception. Don’t forget to have the DJ play the Mickey Mouse theme song during the reception.

Motorcycles – What about arriving to your wedding on a Harley? If you were a real motorcycle enthusiast this wouldn’t seem like an outlandish idea. And if all your friends were bikers too, a procession through town, with everyone – including the bride and groom – would only seem natural. Other ways to incorporate the biker theme into a wedding is to use the Harley Davidson theme colors of orange and black and either have your wedding cake made in the shape of a motorcycle, or use a motorcycle cake topper.

Roses – A rose theme wedding is perfect for the summertime when roses are in full plan. Incorporate the rose theme into your wedding by having a ‘rose ceremony’ during your wedding ceremony. Have the wedding in a rose garden, and use roses in all of your bouquets and centerpieces. Use roses made of icing to decorate your wedding cake. Give single roses as favors.

Zoo – Okay, it might sound like the most outlandish of the theme wedding ideas, but if you love wild animals, why not have a zoo theme. Lions and tigers and bears – not to mention snakes, leopards and lizards. Imagine having these creatures as part of your wedding? Some zoos open their doors to couples wanting to getting married there. Couples can use animal motifs in their décor, including animal print tablecloths, and chair covers. Tropical plants can be used as centerpieces, and vines can be placed along the walls. Stationery with paw prints can be used, and a wedding cake can be made in the shape of a zoo animal.