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Thumb Print Guest Book

Thumb Print Guest Book


As your wedding comes closer, you can’t help but to lose focus of your big day and tend to ponder on other weddings that are happening around the same season. There are many other weddings that will be held during the season that your own wedding day is being held – but what would help to set apart your wedding from the others? What would make your wedding unique, stand out and memorable among the guests?

You can always start with the littlest things. Believe it or not, even small, unique, changes could actually play an impact on your guests. Today, we are going to talk about a unique way to prepare your guestbook for your wedding guests. Instead of the same old, boring “sign and wish” guest booklet, why not try something different? Creative planners are now suggesting thumb print guest book for weddings.

Well, what exactly is a thumb print guest book? The name pretty much sums it all up – it is basically a guest book for your wedding, where your guests simply leave their thumbprint on the guestbook instead of having to just sign and write their wishes. It is simple, time saving (for the guests! They no longer need to wait in line just to sign your guestbook!), and it is a much creative approach that your guests might appreciate.

One of the most common thumb print guest book template is the tree thumb print guest book. There will be basically pages of empty tree with spreading branches. The thumbprint of your guests are the “leaves” on the branches, making up a beautiful and colorful tree. Of course, there is nothing more individual than a thumbprint, but just in case if you really want to know who “thumbed” your thumb print guest book, you could prepare a pen where they could sign their names or initials on their thumbprints.

There are many different variations today instead of just trees. Plenty of wedding planers would use the thumbprints as “balloons” holding up something, like perhaps a car with a “newlywed” sign, or holding up a “congratulations sign”, or a photo of the couple. It is totally up to your creativity on what you can come up with to make an interesting and beautiful looking thumb print guest book for your wedding. Bubbles, balloons, leaves, fishes – think about what can be made out of thumbprints, and let your creativity flow.