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Tips To Have a Relaxing Honeymoon

Tips To Have a Relaxing Honeymoon

Okay….so you are done with all the planning and stressing for the Big Day! Now you are ready to relax and unwind from all the commotion.  You are finally rewarded for all your hard work.  Here are some tips to have a nice worry-free honeymoon.

-Be organized (Travel documents and packing) – Have all your travel documents ready and in place for easy access.  Double check with your travel agent on what documentations would be required. Also, have your packing done a week prior to your departure.  This way last minute wedding planning and preparing won’t get in the way.

-Start slowly – Do not rush into activities…take it slow!  Get rid of the exhaustion from all the wedding planning and start slow.  There will be time for all you have planned!

-Pamper yourself – You deserve it!  Pamper yourself as this is when you have the time and truly deserve.  Take advantage of couple messages and explore new relaxing ways at the spa.

-Don’t over plan with events and activities – You don’t want to go back being tired of running to scheduled activities and tours.  Take time to take naps on the beach, be in the pool and simply RELAX.  Refresh your mind, body and spirit for a new life with your new partner!