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Top 3 Destination Wedding Spots

Top 3 Destination Wedding Spots

Weddings are beautiful occasions, and should be properly planned from the tiniest of details to the actual proceedings. One of the most important yet challenging thing to decide is where to hold your wedding reception. Everyone has different styles and different tastes. While some couple would want their wedding to be held in beautiful cathedral, some others might prefer hotel, the outdoor, or somewhere much more laidback like at the beach. These are among the top 3 destination wedding spots for you to consider.

The Falkenstein Castle in Burnet, Texas

For the perfect fairytale-like setting for your wedding, have a look at the Falkenstein Castle in Burnet, Texas. It is modeled after a famous castle in Germany, and you are able to experience the same bliss without having to burst your budget and travel all the way to Europe for your wedding. Located on the top of the hill, Falkenstein Castle will wow everyone with its beautiful view of the parklands surrounding the castle.

Because of its mild weather, the Falkenstein Castle is suitable for weddings all year round. However, it only allows 25 dates in a year to provide the ultimate wedding experience without rushing couples to be done before the next couple arrives. This allows wedding couples to fully focus on their wedding without the need to keep track of time. So be sure to book early ahead of time!

The castle is huge, and it has a vast empty land surrounding it. Guests will definitely be busy with photography sessions as everyone wants to capture the memory of being at such a beautiful place. From the Butterfly Gardens to the Lily Garden, the gothic influenced chapel, the huge banquet room and the French altar, a lot of things could be done from photography sessions, wedding parties and so much more.

The Central Park Boathouse in New York, New York

If you are looking for a wedding that is by the waters, but without having to endure the sun and the sands of the beaches, the Central park Boathouse in New York, New York is a captivating place to hold your wedding. Located right in the city, having your wedding in the iconic boathouse of Central Park could be really romantic, and live up to the wedding mood.

Wedding can be held here all year around, however preferably during the warmer months as it could get really chilly at night. There are also timings set by the boathouse based on the number of guests and time of the day you want to hold your wedding, therefore it is best to enquire from the management of the boathouse beforehand. Guests can enjoy the view from the docks, or even opt for a boat ride before or after the wedding.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida

For the ultimate, glamorous, hotel ballroom experience, the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida is a popular destination to hold weddings. You get to choose to hold your wedding reception either in one of its grand ballroom, the pool deck, or at its terraces and foyers. It will definitely be a beautiful and unforgettable wedding.

The best time to hold your wedding here is any time, except for the summer. During these times, Miami is at its high season, and there will be crowds everywhere you go. Your guests will love you for holding your wedding in Miami Beach, as there’s almost everything in its metropolitan area, from high-end boutiques, to the beach clubs and nightclubs – everyone will remember your wedding night.