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Tips for Choosing Your Photographer

Tips for Choosing Your Photographer

As you’re putting plenty of time and effort into making your special day memorable, from the dress to the flowers to the location, making sure you have someone on stand-by to capture photographs of the day is just as important. So how do you go about choosing someone?

Think about your style. Are you going for a vintage, less traditional feel? Or do you want to keep things classic? By answering these questions, and then going about perusing the portfolios of artists in your area, you can quickly narrow down your options.

Meet with them. It doesn’t matter how talented a photographer is: if he or she is a diva, or your personalities simply don’t mix, it will hinder the wedding planning process and even the day itself. Don’t be afraid to say no to a photographer simply because you don’t feel he or she is the right fit, or you just don’t click. And your future spouse’s ideas matter too – so get his or her input!

Talk about their plan. All photographers approach weddings differently, and ensuring that he or she understands what kind of shots are important to you, and that he or she is willing to get those shots even over personal preferences on the photographer’s part, is important.

Work with the price. This is one area of your wedding where you don’t want to skimp. There is definitely a difference between a weekend photographer and a professional, and this is evident not only in the cost, but also in the finished product. If you want amazing photos of your special day, you will have to pay for it; however, it will certainly be worth it!