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Trashing The Wedding Gown

Trashing The Wedding Gown

So we hear of a new trend ‘Trashing The Wedding Gown’ where after the Big Day, the newlyweds put together a photo shoot in the most unique setting to literally trash and ruin the bride’s gown.  Setting a new trend? Starting something new and different? Not sure, but it sure does sound fun and experimental.

Several newlywed couples shared with us how they planned a ‘day to trash the gown’:

– One couple put together a fun day paint-ball-fighting with the wedding group.  Girls against guys and OMG I wonder what the gown looked like afterwards.  Hopefully they will share pictures soon.

– A day at the beach with no hesitation of lying on the sand and having a make out session or getting deep in the water with full on the gown, head piece, etc.

– Another bride shares her story of how she made her dress into a short version of the gown and went to a river close to the Fontana area with their wedding photographer and took amazing pictures.  These couples have always been in outdoor sports and so they wanted their hobbies be part of their special album.  They had no problem getting on their RTV’s to get some wild shots while riding through the muddy open areas north of Fontana.

Wow…these photo shoots sound so much fun.  We will have photos up soon.