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3 Ways to Sport the Trend on Your Honeymoon for Less

3 Ways to Sport the Trend on Your Honeymoon for Less

If Fall Fashion Week taught us anything this year it was that metals are the latest trend in fashion, back and bolder than ever before. However, if Google has taught us anything, it is Google “shimmery dress” or “metallic jumpsuit” and you will have just entered the ninth circle of outfit hell. So do yourself and your retinas a favor and instead of braving it alone, scroll through our perfectly curated selection of pre-approved metallic-musts for your honeymoon without going down the rabbit hole of Ke$ha tour dress rejects… You’re welcome.

The Statement Pant

Michael Kors knows how to take a style that has the potential to border on gaudy and make it into an elegant wearable statement piece that is bold and effortless all at once. Kors’ 2016 runway show featured a tailored steel grey pant in light catching metallic chevron, arguably one of the best from the fall collection. While this pair would have cost you several thousands of dollars, J. Crew wows with thismetallic ankle trouser that is chic enough for the rehearsal and easily played up for cocktails.

The Jazz Era Silhouette

Tory Burch never ceases to captivate and its new fall collection is certainly no exception. An editor favorite from the label featured a two piece shimmering lavender blouse and skirt combination reminiscent of The Great Gatsby, champagne and stars. This set is going to be incredibly hard to find come fall but you can recreate it in a subtler, subdued combination of a classic drop waist and this metallic vintage-vibed heel from indie-favorite ModCloth.

The 24 Karat A-Line

Ralph Lauren’s golden satin maxi skirt was one of those pieces that really played so well with the light and movement of the runway. If you cannot wait until fall, trythis formal-wear a-line, maxi skirt from this popular prom retailer and be sure to choose the gold or champagne option from the color chart.

From vintage-inspired pieces to pants that pack a punch, the metallic trend is here to stay… at least for a while. How would you wear the trend for your honeymoon date nights? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts. We would love to see how you are taking this daring trend off the runway and into your honeymoon week #OOTD.

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