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What’s Trending for Fall Weddings in 2017

What’s Trending for Fall Weddings in 2017

Autumn, it’s the time of year when nature turns to vibrant shades of gold, burgundy, and orange. The temperature cools, often causing folks to have an extra spring in their step, after the draining summer heat. We think of pumpkins, hay bales, and hot chocolate. For some, it’s the perfect time of year for a wedding!

Wedding bouquets and table arrangements, in sunflower hues, shades of burgundy, purple, or bronze are favorites for fall. Add shades of alabaster, peach, and blush, to create just the right contrast. For 2017, think berries, and lots of lush greenery, leaves, and grasses. Candles will add a cozy glow, perfect for Autumn.

Brides will take center stage, with gowns in blush and ivory. The cooler air welcomes dresses with sleeves. Long lace sleeves create a vintage feel. Bell sleeves will appear, adding a bit of feminine drama. Bold jewelry, in gold and jewel tones, add just the right touch. Brides and maids will be stunning in flower crowns, or with whisked up curls in vintage hair combs.

Fall is a fashionable time for grooms. While gray or tan are classic, some opt for a suit in navy, plum, or burgundy. Add a tie in plaid, stripes, or checks. This is a perfect time for suspenders, and to add a shock of greenery or baby’s breath, for a seasonal boutonniere.

Keeping the theme classy and cozy, think comfort foods, for your fall reception. Gourmet coffee, and hot chocolate stations, will be favorites of guests. Warm soups, creamy potato, or taco soup, with all the fixings. Smoked chicken, pulled pork, a sauce bar, and loaded mashed potatoes are sure to hit the spot with guests. In addition to your traditional wedding cake, offer dessert choices. Chocolate and pumpkin pie, caramel apples, or fried fruit pies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream are seasonal, and will make your reception memorable.

In recent years, fall has become a popular time of year for weddings. Whether keeping it simple, or hosting a grand affair, there are many seasonal options to create the wedding of your dreams.