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Trends: Embrace Fall/Winter Dark, Pouty Side with Eco-Friendly Products

Trends: Embrace Fall/Winter Dark, Pouty Side with Eco-Friendly Products

Are you ready to rock fall/winter hottest lipstick colors? Warning, they are as bold and beautiful as the season itself.  Just look at all of the fashion magazines. They’re calling for rich reds, outrageous oranges, intriguing ebonies and brash burgundies.  Naturally, it takes a bit of moxie to sport dark, in-your-face, trendy lipsticks not to mention the right eco-friendly, beauty products.

If you are looking to rock the roses and brash burgundies, consider choosing one the following five lipstick colors from companies like Ecco Bella:

  • Claret Rose
  • Mauve Rose
  • Merlot
  • Tuscany Rose
  • Rhubarb

But before you do, remember that all eco-friendly, trendy lipsticks have undertones. So, they underlying hues should complement your eye and skin colors, not work against them. Women with dark complexions or dark eyes can generally pull off brown, red and blue undertones whereas light-skinned and pale eyed ladies should search for the pinks.  Similar is true when talking about trendy orange and ebony lipsticks.

If Ecco Bella’s lipstick colors are not dark and pouty enough for you, try Honeybee Gardens’ line of trendy lipsticks instead. They have ideal colors for late season nuptials too, including Queen Bee, Vintage Merlot and Superstitious. The latter is perfect when you want a touch of ebony without giving a serious nod to gothic fashion, Halloween horror fests or vampire culture.

Once you’ve selected a lipstick shade, grab other eco-friendly, beauty products like a vitamin E lip smoother. It’s usually clear-colored. So, it will add an extra layer of protection without altering the lipstick’s already bold hues. And never forget the cardinal rules of applying autumn and winter’s darkest, hottest shades. They have to be applied with liners, beeswax and brushes.  Otherwise, they could bleed into the corners of the mouth, stain your teeth or smear down towards your chin.