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End of Summer Fashion Trends to Transition Into Fall

End of Summer Fashion Trends to Transition Into Fall

Pumpkin spice lattes and spooky Halloween decor are slowly popping up as Summer 2019 grinds to a halt. As the weather changes, here are some simple ideas on transitioning trendy summer fashion into autumn.

1. Animal Print;

Simple and subtle animal prints have become increasingly popular. As you pack away your cheetah print swimsuit until next year, switch it out for scarves or flats with the in demand style. For a more comfortable approach, consider athletic leggings with the bold prints mixed with natural tones.

2. Off-The-Shoulder Tops;

With a higher demand for proper sleeves and protection from the cold, consider substituting off-the-shoulder fashion for asymmetrical necklines. Asymmetrical necklines have been anticipated to be popular for the latter part of 2019, and can compliment your body in similar ways.

3. Florals;

Floral designs don’t have to be limited to spring or summer fashion. Continue representing the natural beauty through darker tones to stay relevant to changing fashion themes. Colors like black, maroon, burnt orange, and forest green are bound to compliment a classic fashion staple.

4. Summer Tops & Leather;

The light and airy tops we paired with denim shorts this summer have a new partner this fall; leather. Spaghetti straps and babydoll tops paired with dark leather skirts and pants amplifies the best of sunny summer ending, and crisp autumn beginning. Considering partnering the outfit with thigh high boots or black tights.

5. Statement Jackets;

The jackets that we stored away months ago will soon be in high demand again. This fall, consider forgetting plain colored trench coats or staple jean jackets, and substituting them for jackets that make as powerful statements as our summer dresses. Get a bold patterned leather jacket, or a bright colored bomber jacket to make use of the changing weather.