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Engagement Rings: Celebrate Love 60s Style with Trendy, Tanzanite Beauties

Engagement Rings: Celebrate Love 60s Style with Trendy, Tanzanite Beauties

Vintage jewelry, especially engagement rings, outfitted with blue-hued stones has been a big hit with women and men for centuries. There are various, trendy, blue gemstones consumers may choose from but tanzanite seems to be a particular favorite among contemporary crowds. Widely considered part of the Epidote Family, the stones tend to have a lovely range of undertones.

Among them are varying shades of lavender, violet and deep purple, which give the overlying blues multifaceted appeal. Because they are part of the a fore mentioned family and have a pleochronic nature, no two vintage pieces are apt to be identical to one another. Clearly, this is part of the gemstones’ appeal when it comes to promise, engagement and wedding rings. Each loving couple can be sure that their rings are as unique as their respective unions.

Time wise, vintage tanzanite pieces primarily date back to the 60s. So couples may expect to find many rings with understated and halo settings. As for the tanzanite stones, pear and oval cuts were popular with both genders. Also, many couples opted for big, center stones over smaller ones. Many felt that the size helped make the perfect statement about their love for one another.

When shopping for trendy engagement rings with tanzanite center stones, pay particular attention to their saturation and tone. Choose a combination that sets it apart from other blue-hued stones so admirers will clearly know that it’s a tanzanite engagement ring and not one of the following:

  • Iolite or Amethyst
  • Kunzite or Alexandrite
  • Ametrine or Sapphire

Furthermore, avoid noticeable inclusions and small stones. They tend to take away from the gemstone’s inherently stunning appearance. And think about purchasing the rings along with other tanzanite pieces from the 60s. Although the stones won’t match, it will reinforce the vintage theme and give the wearer multiple options. For example, men may wear tanzanite wedding bands with studs and cuff links or encrusted watches. Ladies could pair them with tanzanite earrings, necklaces, toe rings and bracelets.