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From Bridal Table to Dinner Table: Turning Your Wedding Decor Into Home Decor

From Bridal Table to Dinner Table: Turning Your Wedding Decor Into Home Decor

The stresses of being a newlywed don’t end when the reception is over and the honeymoon commences. In most cases, they are just beginning. With the stresses of finances, family planning, and newly adopted in-laws, don’t let your home decor be one of them. Instead, ease the stress of furnishing your home by using your wedding concepts and pieces and incorporating those into your abode. Not only will it save you time and money on decor, but it will be a sentimental gesture of your big day. Having those reminders allow you to reminisce about how you and your partner ended up together and married in the first place. Here are some tips on how to effortlessly transform your wedding decor into your home decor.

Save Your Centerpieces

When it comes to home decor, sometimes the hardest part is not cluttering every flat surface with every piece of sentimental memorabilia. Instead, use your favorite centerpieces and table cloths as part of your interior design. Save a table runner and use it to add a decorative element to any table top surface. Use the taller, grander center pieces in a more formal setting, like your dining room when used for special occasions. Place your shorter center pieces on table tops located in more day-to-day use rooms. They won’t obscure your view of the rest of the house, and will make for a romantic conversation piece. Plus, they work as a great backdrop for any framed images that you would like to put on display.

Use Your Wedding Colors

In most cases, your wedding colors are also your favorite colors. Utilizing these colors will instantly add your personality to any room. Try using them by making them accent wall colors. Not only will it brighten any living space, but it will make the room more homey. Added bonus, the colors already tie in with your strategically placed centerpieces and table cloths, so color and decor coordination is easy. Saving table mats, cutlery holders, lace curtains or patterns for the walls, and even faux flower arrangements are a quick fix to adding classy and useful additions to your home.

Hang Your Favorite Memories On Your Walls

These days, there are numerous ways to save your wedding keepsakes. Do you love your dress so much that it would be a shame to just leave it hanging in your closet? Get a 3D frame box and secure it, along with your bouquet, hair pieces, and bridal jewelry. Not only will it create a beautiful bridal piece, but it will be preserved for years to come. Do you have a bunch of pictures of your big day that would look great in a frame on the wall? Update that look by ditching the frame and getting the pictures printed on a metal, wood, or glass canvas. This gives each image a unique finish harmonious to the rest of your room decor. Plus, when placing your wedding pictures on the walls, you are giving yourself a vantage point to add more memories. Try placing your wedding photos in the middle of the wall and work your way outwards by adding more images of major life events.

Save Those Flowers

Almost every wedding has flowers. From the bridal bouquets to the center pieces to the aisle runners, flowers are a staple in any wedding. If you used fresh flowers, don’t lose them after a few days. Instead, try pressing or drying your flowers to preserve them. Once preserved, they can be used as accent floras to give a natural feel to your home. The faux flowers as stated previously can have any kind of decorative purposes you can dream of, to guest rooms, balconies or even giving the kitchen that touch of elegance.

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