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Newlywed Home Decor: Turning Your Vows into Art

Newlywed Home Decor: Turning Your Vows into Art

When the festivities are over, the guests are gone, and the honeymoon has ended, it’s time to turn your attention to the next project on your list: Nesting. Before you begin, consider creating meaningful home decor out of those wedding memories!

Celebrate your new, married life by turning your wedding vows into stunning wall art. Not only will it make for a beautiful, personal touch for your home, but it will also be an excellent reminder of the promises you’ve made to one another.

  • If you’re crafty, watercolor your wedding vows and hang them in His and Hers frames in your bedroom.
  • Transfer your vows to canvases that suit your style. Better yet, print them on several canvases for a gallery wall effect.
  • Hire a talented Etsy shop owner to write your vows in calligraphy surrounding your favorite wedding photo.
  • For a truly unique piece of art, turn an audio recording of your vows into sound wave art or a voice print.
  • Turn any of these ideas into a wall clock with a DIY clock kit!

Don’t be afraid to get creative with home decor! Ask your spouse about their favorite memories from the day. Perhaps you were both awestruck by the gardens that day? Handwrite your vows on a canvas or printed photo of the garden’s most prominent flowers. Did the venue have the most stunning tile work you’ve ever seen? Head to a hardware store and look for similar styles you can incorporate into DIY projects like coasters!

Looking for more ways to turn wedding memories into personalized home decor?

  • Fill frames or shadow boxes with other wedding mementos like your invitation, dried flowers, champagne flutes from your first toast, your veil, pages from the guest book – even a personalized cocktail napkin!
  • Use an online printer to have your favorite phrases printed on common home goods like pillowcases, hand towels, or picture frames.
  • Transfer your vows onto a keepsake box for trinkets or jewelry.