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Use Tour Wrist By Apple To Plan Your Big Day

Use Tour Wrist By Apple To Plan Your Big Day

My hubby shared this amazing app on his iPad with me the other day and I have been so excited to share with you all.  It is called the Tour Wrist by Apple and it is this amazing app that will allow you to get a clear panoramic visual of a location such as  parks, museums, stadiums, etc.  You move the devise around and it changes the view of the photo.

As much as I love going around the world with it, it is also very helpful for brides who are searching for new locations for their Big Day.  Search for lovely ceremony and reception sites.  Also, go around the world and decide on your romantic honeymoon getaway!

Hope you enjoy the application as much as I have.  Please share your thoughts and your experience with the app once you get it.  Thanks!

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