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Five Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Five Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

Sure, you may be sick of hearing about all the diets and detoxes that are making the rounds these days. But don’t worry. I have some all natural ideas to help you rid your body of harmful toxins. And what is even better, these ideas are super simple! You’re welcome!

1. Put lemon slices in your water. Adding a little flavor to your water not only helps you drink more water, the vitamin C in citrus helps clean out your system and keep you glowing. It’s a double win! If you are adventurous, experiment with adding cucumber, mint, or ginger to your lemon water!

2. Add greens to your breakfast smoothie. Fruit smoothies make a great, healthy breakfast (especially when you cut out the sugar). So why not beef them up a little with a handful of spinach or kale? Depending on how much you put in, you may not even taste it. But it will do huge favors for your body!

3. Replace sugary snacks with fresh fruit. We all need a little energy boost now and then; sometimes a little something sweet to eat in the middle of the day keeps us going. But instead of putting processed foods into your body, turn to natural, healthy sugars! Fresh fruit is a great thing to help you get your sweet fix and still keep junk out of your system.

4. Try oil pulling. Oil pulling is one of the weirdest, awesomest ways to pull toxins right out of your body. Do it first thing in the morning or right before bed to create a routine. You’ll soon be feeling the results. Plus, it’s a great excuse to NOT talk to your family or roommates right when you’ve just woken up or when you’re trying to wind down for the night?

5. Exercise regularly! Did you know that sweating actually detoxes your body! It’s true! So get out there and get moving! Exercising on a regular basis is honestly just good for you all around. But it certainly helps detox your body. Just make sure that you stay hydrated.

And that’s that! Comment below and tell me which idea you tried!