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Wedding Backdrops for Décor and Photography

Wedding Backdrops for Décor and Photography

Much like backdrops for theatre and stage plays, backdrops for wedding décor and photography are central pieces which can shape the overall feel of the occasion. Its sheer size, for one thing, makes it the single most attention-catching element in the venue. Its sheer size also makes it tempting to have only one backdrop for both the general décor and the photos. I would like to discourage that because these two serve very different purposes and therefore should be tailored to fit their functions.

On the one hand, you have the backdrop for the general décor. These are generally placed behind the altar during the ceremony or behind the bride and groom’s table during the reception. The backdrops should be tasteful pieces which enhance the atmosphere of your wedding rather than take the guests’ attention away from the couple. In other words, they should blend into the venue instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Floor length drapes in pastel colors that match the overall color scheme are usually quite beautiful. You can also have star-lights sewn into the backdrop which works well in wedding ceremonies with a more romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Outdoor ceremonies can be a bit more colorful and have backdrops made of vines and flowers or something similar. I have even seen a couple who used multi-colored ribbons hung from a sturdy frame as their backdrop, which created a very pleasant effect outdoors. Bear in mind that it is trickier to have a backdrop outdoors since you will have to hang it from a frame and it pays to make sure that the frame does not look tacky or wonky.

The backdrops for your photographs, on the other hand, can be as wild and creative as you like. These pieces will not take center stage and compete for attention with the bride and groom. These only function to capture the moment in the best possible way within a frame. So, there’s no harm in doing silly things like having carnival cutouts or cartoon themed backdrops. You can be artsy and have balloons taped to the floor at different heights to get a wall of balloons as your backdrop. You can also have panoramic sceneries or famous romantic monuments. As long as the backdrop will contribute to a beautiful photo and is representative of your relationship, just go ahead and order it for your wedding.

So, fret not if you cannot exercise your creativity for the backdrop in the venue because you can always go crazy over the one for your photo.