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Wedding Colors for Every Season

Wedding Colors for Every Season

Spring – March and April

Such a beautiful time to have your wedding and celebrate spring’s bursts of amazing colors and flowers. Pastel colors are mainly used during this season, such as lavender, yellow, pink, aqua blue, green and lime green.

Summer – May, June and July

If you’re not afraid of the bright intense colors, go all out! Summer weddings are wonderful as they are the brightest and most energized weddings ever. Popular colors include orange and fuchsia, green and hot pink, black against any kind of eye-popping-color, and chocolate brown and pink (or aqua).

Fall – August, September and October

Much more calm and subtle colors of the year are used in weddings during the fall months. Usually bride’s go with colors such as latte, mocha and chocolate brown, rust orange and burgundy, hunter green and gold.

Fall/Autumn – November

Beautiful time to use the creams and the gold’s for your wedding. You can never go wrong with mixing fall or winter colors with the creams and earthy colors. Mix elegancy with gold, ivory and sepia.

Winter – December, January and February

Time for elegancy! Be bold and celebrate the season. The most popular colors used are burgundy, regal red and black, and royal purple.