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Wedding Gown Inspiration From Sophisticated Celebrity Fashion Icons

Wedding Gown Inspiration From Sophisticated Celebrity Fashion Icons

When we think of timeless beauty, many names spring to mind. America has had no shortage of timeless beauties who have spawned all kinds of fashion trends across the country. These style stars had great fashion sense, but they also had a knack for pulling it all together in a way that seemed effortless and completely real. Check out some of the most iconic timeless beauties in celebrity fashion history, and the best of both their on-screen and real life wedding dresses:

1. Audrey Hepburn. Of course, this legendary beauty tops our list. In addition to Audrey’s physical beauty, she exuded warmth and charm. Her caring nature and the huge heart that made her America’s sweetheart was evident through the humanitarian work she cherished so dearly.

Audrey was like a breath of fresh air, and her style still gives us that same feeling decades later. The most important fashion advice Audrey could give anyone was to wear clothes in which you could be yourself. She was able to “be herself” in a myriad of different styles, from fitted pants to classic simple dresses, often paired with an assortment of fantastic hats.

Audrey Hepburn’s tea-length wedding dress from the film Funny Face fit perfectly with her classic, elegant style. The tiny bow adorning the top of her veil was the perfect touch.

2. Grace Kelly. Who better to be in a list of timeless fashion icons than an actual princess? This stunning beauty was one of the most famous and highly paid actresses in the world in the mid-1950s when she left her acting career to marry Prince Rainier III of Monaco. After only 5 years of the Hollywood spotlight, Grace Kelly became one of America’s most timeless beauties.

Grace Kelly was the epitome of sophistication, beauty, and mystery. Her styles were well-tailored with a perfect fit that created an effortless look. Whether she was wearing a simple dress with a flared skirt, or a sensual evening gown, she always maintained a glitter in the eye that drew people in.

Grace’s wedding gown was truly fit for a princess, and the ultra-sophisticated floor-length lace, silk taffeta, and tulle gown is said to have inspired another real-life princess-Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

3. Marilyn Monroe. Many of us are familiar with Marilyn Monroe’s troubled childhood and the difficult life that followed, as her troubles were compounded by fame and fortune. Despite all of this, she still remains one of the most iconic stars of all time, with a fashion sense to rival them all.

Marilyn’s fashion is world-famous, with instantly recognizable pieces such as the “white subway dress” that billowed up around her as she stood over a subway vent, and the shimmering, golden “happy birthday dress”, which was auctioned for $1.2 million. Marilyn also reinvented the little black dress, wearing them all the time, in many variations-some in the classic wool style, some with darted silhouettes, and even some with boning. Marilyn was a fashion visionary and has been an inspiration to numerous designers across the globe.

Marilyn’s tea-length wedding dress in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was a typical style for the 1950s, with a high neck, fitted waist and full skirt. A lace overlay and flared sleeves add elegance to the gown, and Marilyn managed to add her own flare with that smoldering gaze.

4. Elizabeth Taylor. A “queen” of Hollywood, Elizabeth Taylor introduced daring styles to our fashion history. In her earlier styles of the 1950s, she took the simple dresses of the time and amped up the sex appeal with plunging necklines that showed just the right amount of cleavage. She embraced bold, bright colors, and as she got older she began punching up her style even more with glittering sequins, beads, feathers, and bows. Add to the mix her extensive collection of glamorous jewels, and she had one of the most lavish styles in fashion history.

Elizabeth exhibited her love of bright, punchy colors in her wedding to Richard Burton-her yellow chiffon gown was simple, yet striking and memorable.

5. Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall made glamour seem absolutely effortless. Her raspy voice and glossy waves drove men mad, and she pushed the envelope with daring fashion choices early in her Hollywood career. Pieces such as cutout dresses, bandeau tops, and jumpsuits were made famous by this stylish icon.

Bacall’s floor-length embroidered lace wedding gown from How To Marry a Millionaire oozed elegance and sophistication.

These timeless beauties were style stars who continue to influence the fashion industry today. Women across the country have found wedding inspiration from these elegant, sophisticated, and striking styles.