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Wedding Stress Zapping Your Exercise Motivation? Try These 5 Hilarious DIY Workouts

Wedding Stress Zapping Your Exercise Motivation? Try These 5 Hilarious DIY Workouts

Wedding planning can be stressful, which is why being sure to get plenty of exercise is pretty crucial. Regular exercise is not only important for our physical health, but it’s also an essential part of our mental well-being too. It releases endorphins, improves our focus, and just makes us feel better overall.

So, knowing this, why is it so difficult to drag ourselves to the gym sometimes? True, the stressors of picking a dress, hiring a caterer, and choosing flowers as well as juggling all of life’s other responsibilities can make taking time for ourselves seem impossible – but, is that the entire reason? For some – probably. For others though, the answer may simply be that their exercise routine has gotten a bit stale. The treadmill is calling, but it doesn’t really have anything new to talk about and the temptation to just ghost is way too great.

What those of us who find ourselves in this situation need is to shake things up – and what better way  than to do something completely different and just a little funny? Studies show that laughter may increase endorphins in a similar way to exercise – so, it stands to reason that you’ll not only be gaining a greater benefit by doing something fun but you’ll also be likely to want to do it again. What kind of activities can get you laughing and sweating at the same time? Try these on for size and see which one tickles you most.


1. Dancing In Your Living Room

The ultimate DIY workout, there are no dance studios, gym memberships or private instructors required here. All you need is some music, your house and those moves you used to pull out during school dances. The great thing about throwing on your peppiest playlist and busting a move at home is you can do it in total privacy. No one knows if you’ve got two left feet or not but you and Madonna. Feel free to freestyle while you vacuum or look up Zumba videos on YouTube for more structure!

2. Dance With a Video Game

Speaking of dancing, you can even use video games to get your groove on and your fitness up. Most consoles on the market these days boast a catalogue of dance-centric games which award you points and allow you to progress to more challenging routines based on your smooth moves. The best and most hilarious of these can record you doing the routine so you can giggle at yourself afterwards too. You’ll break a sweat and indulge your inner child. Not a gamer? You can dance along with YouTubers who’ve uploaded themselves completing the routines themselves!

3. Pretend Zombies are Chasing You

Zombies are still all the rage, so why not incorporate them into your running routine to spice things up? There are apps you can download for minimal cost that talk you through a rich, entertaining zombie story while still incorporating your running playlist for those of us who need some tunes to keep our energy up. How is this addition to your workout funny, you may ask? Just picture the look on a bystander’s face as you suddenly sprint by in terror because the app in your ear has announced that there’s a zombie behind you. Priceless.

4. Pretend You’re a Step Aerobics Instructor From 1992

Step aerobics was all the rage in the 90s, so bring it back for a Throwback Thursday workout! Many used sporting goods stores will have a step you can purchase inexpensively, which can then be stored easily under a bed or in a closet. Up the hilarity by really going for it and pulling out your hyper color leotard, high top workout shoes and neon hair scrunchie. Make up a routine yourself with an amazing 90s playlist (we’re looking at you Britney Spears) or follow along with one that you find, you guessed it, on YouTube.

5. Be a Synchronized Swimmer For a Day

They’re glamorous. They’re athletic. They’re talented. Why not copy their style and put together your own routine right in the comfort of your backyard? If you happen to have a pool, chances are it doesn’t get as much love as you intended to give it when you purchased it. Cranking some music, getting the absolutely frilliest swim cap in creation and pretending you’re on the Olympic Team can blast some calories and make your pool a destination location again. For added fun, include your bridesmaids and choreograph a routine together. If one of you doesn’t get the giggles, we will be stunned.


As always, be sure that you clear any changes to your workout routine with a doctor beforehand to ensure your safety. For more Health and Fitness inspiration, check out all of our great articles and suggestions geared toward making you your healthiest you yet!