There is absolutely nothing more tragic than a wedding without dancing. We all know those awkward moments when you’re stuck staring at your wine glass waiting for someone to start something. But unlike the prom where you wait to be asked to dance, you can be in charge of the dancing at your wedding with just a few tricks! This could arguably be one of the most important celebrations of your life, so get the party started and get your guests dancing!

  1. Pick Your Point Person: I had a friend who worked at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and general parties as a kind of secret “hype girl”. She would go and socialize but when the music started she was the one to motivate people to dance! Now you don’t necessarily have to hire someone to do this. Pick an outgoing friend, tell them ahead of time of their mission: get people on their feet. This not only helps with the mood in general, but creates a sense of comradery on the dance floor!
  2. Floor Plans: Pay attention to the layout of your venue. The closer the dance floor is to the drinks, the more people you’ll find will be busting a move. The same goes with the size of the dance floor. If your dance floor is too big, guests will think the dance floor looks empty and be cautious to get up and dance. So encourage them with the right size space and availability to have a drink in hand.
  3. Comfort: I’ve seen so many genius Pinterest posts that show weddings that include a basket with those $1 flip-flops from Old Navy or even fun pairs of socks. Take advantage if you can and fill a basket with comfortable footwear for those unprepared guests. Don’t give them an excuse not to dance!

Remember, the most important part of your wedding is that it’s your wedding. So enjoy yourself, dance away and let you having a great time encourage your guests to do the same.