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DIY Wedding Projects For The Wine Loving Bride

DIY Wedding Projects For The Wine Loving Bride

Who doesn’t love those long nights with the girls spilling your guts over a bottle of wine? With these quick and easy DIY projects, you’ve got an excuse to pop the cork with the girls every night until the wedding.

1. Glass Bottle Candle Holders


Liquor or wine bottles

Water and Baking Soda Mix

Ribbon, lace, or glitter

Glue (Elmer’s works best for glitter while a hot glue gun is better for ribbon or lace.)

Taper Candles


1. Soak the bottles in a mixture of warm water and baking soda for about 10 minutes to remove the labels. Wipe the labels off with a rag and use your fingernails or steel wool to scrub off the excess.

2. After the bottles are dry, decorate the bottles however you choose. For glitter, you’ll want to paint the glue on with a paint brush or sponge.

3. You may have to trim the bottom of the taper candles for each to fit in the neck of a bottle. Once this is done, wedge the candle into the mouth of the bottle. Light the candles and allow the wax to roll down the bottles if a more rustic look is desired. For a more modern twist, don’t light the candles until your big day. These elegant candle holders can be placed as centerpieces on the tables to give extra height or used for extra lighting around the buffet tables.

2. Wine Cork Containers


Wine corks

Glass containers

Hot glue gun and sticks


1. Make sure your glass containers are clean before hot gluing the corks to the outside. Make sure to leave the bottom free of corks so that the container still sits properly.

2. Fill the containers with whatever you choose whether it’s flowers, succulents, or even candies. These wine cork containers could easily be gifts for the guests, containers to hold candies at the dessert table, or centerpieces.

If you love a glass of wine over dinner or getting together with the girls to chat with a bottle, these DIY wedding crafts are perfect for you. Make your wedding unique and get crafty with those bottles and corks!