In 2016 and 2017, the hot winter shades for hair color are warm blondes, cool brunettes, and icy platinums according to Harper’s Bazaar. Having platinum white strands is the perfect way to enjoy any snow activity. Warm blonde colors also brighten your skin even if your summertime tan is starting fade. Cool brunette shaded locks that sport bright hues add much-needed color to the blustery days of winter.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between warm or cool winter hair colors. Here are a few things to consider when making a decision this winter.

Warm Colors — In the winter, your skin sometimes starts to turn white as your summer tan fades. Warm hair colors help make your alabaster skin glow. You can even opt to have a darker, warmer blonde hue near your roots and have the color slowly fade to platinum as it reaches the ends of your hair. Or perhaps just opt for a few lowlights or highlights to create subtle warmth. A dark brown or black hair shade can be toned to a warmer, softer glow with a few well-placed auburn or bronze highlights. An all over copper hair color often quickly warms up pale skin and provides it with a golden hue that stands out during winter’s bleakest days.

Cool Colors — Platinum blonde is all the rage lately, especially with the popularity of Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, and even Elsa of Frozen fame. If you want to look like a true ice princess or prince, then a white blonde hair color might be the ideal choice for your winter hue. Generally, light-skinned individuals and people with olive skin tones look fantastic in cool colors. If you don’t want to go true platinum but you are still seeking cool color tone to compliment your skin then it might be time to go with an unconventional cool shade. If you sport black or brunette hair, you can spice things up by coloring just your ends in brilliant cool blues or purples.

You can even mix things up with hair color by opting to have your hair single or double processed. Single processing consists of applying one base color to all of your hair. It covers gray well and also creates an all-over-shine. Double processing is common if you are lightening your hair color by two or more tones. Generally, the hair is completely bleached to remove all color and then additional colors are applied to your bleached hair to create the look you desire.

Don’t let the winter blahs get you down. Winter is a time to turn mundane hair into a stunning masterpiece. Charging up your hair is a fun way to completely alter your look and add color to the dark wintery days.