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Winter Honeymoon Getaways

Winter Honeymoon Getaways

There is something romantic about a winter honeymoon getaway, whether you want to escape to somewhere warm with white sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets or you want to snuggle up by a fire together after a long day of skiing, there is something for everyone.


Colorado has plenty of things for every couple to do, whether it is hitting the slopes or taking in the quaint towns. With its incredible views and plethora of activities for the outdoorsy type, Colorado is the perfect destination for the couple that wants to remain active while taking in beautiful once-in-a-lifetime sights. Enjoy the beautiful snowcapped mountains, uxurious restaurants and historic towns with your spouse and start married life off right.


Hawaii is known for its year-round gorgeous weather, making it the perfect getaway for those that want the warm, summer sun. Here you will be able to take in the sun’s rays, relax on the beautiful beaches and sight see to your heart’s content. There is everything from islands filled with hundreds of tourists to quaint little resorts that are tucked away, leaving the two of you to explore paradise on your own.


For the adventurous couple, Thailand offers a variety of temperatures as well as a seductive vibe and gracious population. Here, you and your spouse can explore the wondrous beauty of the country as well as lie on the beach, take in some culture and enjoy incredible food. If you travel from the central to northern part of Thailand, be prepared for some decreased temperatures, but you will have your new hubby to cuddle up to in order to keep you warm!
Winter honeymoon getaways can run the spectrum of warm and sunny to cool and romantic, depending on what the two of you enjoy. Take the time to find something unique and exciting that the two of you can enjoy for your post-wedding celebration; the first one that you will celebrate as a newly married couple.