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4 Latest Trends in Winter Weddings

4 Latest Trends in Winter Weddings

Creating the look for your wedding day is a monumental event – not only are you thinking about your own appearance, but you’re also taking int account the venue, the dinner tables, the banquet hall, and of course, your bridal party… And those who chose to do it in Winter are up for a stellar challenge.

Here are some of the latest trends to influence the divine world of Winter weddings!

Embrace the Chill With Outerwear

Those who decide to get married in the brisk cool of Fall or crisp cold of Winter won’t have to worry about whether or not their outwear is detracting from their gown! Wedding outerwear from mohair cardigans to full-length tweed coats will keep any bride warm on her chilliest wedding day.

Push the Formal Envelope

Summer weddings are often light events that call for more casual and fun receptions (and stationary). Winter often brings about a somewhat heavier wedding feel, and your stationery should reflect that. Look into using rich neutral tones that accompany your own wedding colors – like navy, eggplant, and chocolate brown –  and make use of heavy cardstock.

Bring On the Metal

Metallics abound in a Winter wedding this year! Shining silvers, rose and traditional gold both abound. Not only should you look into sprucing up your heels with a shiny kick, but consider styling your cake with metallic highlights, your decor with metallic spray paint, and of course your own bling.

Go Green

While you may be lamenting your loss of bountiful blooms in a Winter wedding ceremony, 2015’s Winter weddings will be full of luscious greenery and natural-looking arrangements. Use long strands of woven greens as table runners, or create His and Hers seating wreaths with seasonal greenery (mistletoe, anyone?). Create boutonnieres using berries and herbs, and don’t forget the styling options for your own Winter wonderland bouquet.