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A Simple Explanation for A woman’s Relationship with Her Wedding Band

A Simple Explanation for A woman’s Relationship with Her Wedding Band

I take a deep breath and walk down the aisle, calmly stepping towards the love of my life. I feel butterflies in my stomach until the point where I look into his eyes and I instantly feel better as he slips a band onto my finger and me onto his. I look down for a moment to my ring finger and I see a gorgeous band my now husband chose for me and I smile through the happy tears, for it is the start of something new and it is beautiful. 

The Significance Of A Wedding Band In The Life Of A Woman

In a woman’s life, there are many milestones but one of the most significant of these milestones is the point in her life where she is presented with her wedding band. It is at this moment where she binds herself to the man she loves and makes a promise to live life for better or for worse with him. Ultimately it is known that this moment is important. So it is up to the man to find the perfect wedding band for his fiancée. 

In this scenario, many men are stumped. What should they do? They need to find a ring that is both beautiful and durable and nothing is more beautiful and durable than a women’s tungsten wedding band. Tungsten is one of the strongest materials for jewelry items. So it goes without saying that a wedding band made in tungsten for women will be impervious to scratches and dents and will only require a little polish for it retain its original luster. It is important for the person buying the tungsten wedding band for his fiancée to know about her preferences. After all the design and cut of the wedding band are also important. This is a ring that his wife has to wear for the rest of her life.

Some Good Choices For Women’s Tungsten Wedding Bands

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to find the perfect tungsten wedding band for your woman here is a list of wedding bands that will make life easy for you. Each and every ring in this list is absolutely gorgeous and will surely bring tears of joy into her eyes. 


  1. Silver Brushed Wedding Ring: The silver brushed wedding ring is an old school traditional wedding ring. It has a vintage appeal to it unlike any other while also maintaining a new age shine to it that never gets old. It is a strong yet simple design but can be made more personal by adding an inscription inside the ring. 
  2. Realtree Camo Wedding Rings: This particular design of Women’s Tungsten wedding rings is amazing. Women often feel their eyes pop the minute they lay eyes upon this design. The intricate markings on the ring give it a mystical aura. The best thing about it is that it is completely out of the box, which is what attracts most women to it, especially if they love a little mystery in their life.                   
  3. Heartbeat Rings: The heartbeat ring always has a charm of its own. The design of this ring is tailor-made to suit young lovers and when you give this ring as a vow to your wife, it becomes a symbol of the bond you share. The marking on the ring becomes a reflection of beat that both your hearts are taking in tandem with each other. Isn’t that such an amazing though? A simple ring with a little pulse marking on it could mean so much.
  4. Abalone Shell Rings: If your spouse is an animal or nature lover, then this particular tungsten ring will knock her socks off. The casing of the ring is made of abalone shells i.e. beautiful snail shells that reflect the colors of the rainbow. This ring although new has a distinct antique and precious feel to it which makes its wearer feel closer to it. The Abalone shell wedding rings are quickly becoming one of the best sellers in tungsten wedding rings for women. 
  5. Silver Matter With Blue Dome Rings: Last but not least is our favorite list of women’s tungsten wedding bands is the silver matter ring with a blue dome. This ring has all the pomp and luster of the new age but also reflects a certain subtlety through its matte nature. Surely you can imagine the gorgeous picture that this ring creates on your wife’s hand!

With this, we wrap up just why Tungsten wedding bands are the best choice for a woman’s ring. They are gorgeous, durable and come in various designs which will surely make that momentous occasion in a woman’s life even more memorable. You can find a wide array of tungsten rings on FindURings so hurry up and get shopping.