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Writing as Meditation: Thoughts and Ideas

Writing as Meditation: Thoughts and Ideas

Whether you are stressed or depressed, confused or anxious – writing can help. Are you going through some drama at work? Is your family driving you crazy with gossip and half-truths? Are you facing a big decision in your life? Whatever you are facing, whatever you are going through, writing out your thoughts, ideas, your rants, and even your problems can help you work through your feelings and reach clarity, calm, decisions, and peace.

Give Form to Your Thoughts

One method for writing as meditation is to try to give physical form to your thoughts – it doesn’t always look pretty, it is rarely worthy of being viewed by anyone else, and it doesn’t always make sense… but it helps. Giving physical form to your thoughts allows you to think on paper, and see what your thoughts are doing in your head. The best way to do that is to write – just write without forethought, without reservations, and without judgment.

Write, Write, then Write Some More

Don’t try to pen a novel, don’t try to create a rhyme, and don’t try to edit or make sense of your thoughts until you are done writing. According to, “Don’t stop to reflect, edit, try to make sense or write a ‘piece.’ Simply finish the sentence and keep going until you run out of things to say…” Just start writing and don’t pause or stop until you are done. The idea is to be able to relax your mind.

Stir up Creativity

Buster Benson in an article by explains, “The act of typing serves as a handrail on our thoughts, and occupies a certain part of the brain that generally gets restless and looks for something to do because it’s already doing something: typing. Disabling that restless squirrel in your brain is the reason why activities like walking, showering, doing the dishes, gardening, etc. are all such great activities for stirring up creative thoughts.” You are not only resolving issues, relaxing your mind, and working through your problems… you are also being creative and coming up with new thoughts and ideas.

Writing is a great form of meditation, it can help you feel more organized, help you come up with creative ideas, and it can help you flesh out thoughts you didn’t even know you had.