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Interesting website

Interesting website

I came across an interesting website Never and wanted to pass it on to our soon-to-be-brides!  But wait, not for the potential intension of the site, but rather for the great inventory that they have on hand.  If you’re looking for a designer gown, jewelry and other wedding items and don’t want to pay the full retail price, see if you can find it for much less.  But one thing that really caught my eye, were the decoration items used at wedding and bigger events.  Browse through the web site for bargains!

Very interesting site…here is a summary ‘about them’:

‘Falling in love is great.
Falling out of love? Well, it’s not so fun.
In fact it doesn’t get much worse.
And the stereotypes are just as bad; tissues piles, ice-cream binges, drastic haircuts, group-hugs and useless metaphors.
Well, we’re not a fan of them either.
That’s why we came up with this hare-brained idea*.
A place to tell it like it is.
A place to shed the stories and the stuff.
A place to read other dilemmas so shocking that you forget about your own.
So you can bounce back quicker that you thought.
You may have broken-up, but there’s no need to break-down.

With Love,

Never Liked It Anyway.’