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Caffeine In Skincare: Should You Believe The Buzz?

Caffeine In Skincare: Should You Believe The Buzz?

Want to start your day off with zest and energy at its peak?

Have a cup of coffee, and go on!

While we all know how caffeine consumption alerts our minds, here’s some interesting news: you’ll see caffeine in something else too, i.e. skincare products!  

But does caffeine penetrate through your skin till it enters into the blood flow? Surprisingly, it actually does, according to a research conducted by PubMed.

Though many of us may consider caffeine in skincare products a hype or a marketing tactic, the truth is that the presence of coffee beans in skincare products do provide certain benefits in terms of rejuvenating the skin.

Wondering what makes caffeine outstanding to be included in your skincare regime?

Let’s explore in detail.

It’s The New Anti-Aging Regime

Whisk the egg white with coffee grounds – the result will be an all-natural mask. Apply this onto your face (including eye area) and see your wrinkles diminishing right away!

Though this is a natural recipe for getting rid of wrinkles with the help of coffee grounds, the truth is that it really works. Same is true for skincare products that comprise of coffee grounds.

And there are reasons for this:

  • The antioxidants present in coffee grounds limit the effects of premature aging.
  • By drawing excess fluids from the skin cells, caffeine tones and tightens the skin. This reduces fine lines around the eyes.
  • The properties found in caffeine improves the skin’s texture.

It’s A Natural Skin Exfoliator

Ever thought of rubbing coffee grounds onto your dry skin?

Probably, you never did!

But there is a lot to know about it if you have dry skin that requires regular exfoliation. Chemical-free coffee scrubs have various properties that may help soothe your skin. If combined with salt, oils, and sugar (all of these ingredients are natural exfoliators), coffee scrubs remove dead skin cells and reveal new skin underneath.

It Combats Skin Inflammation

Perhaps, you often complain about the redness and swelling that is visible on your face almost all the time. One of the reasons behind this skin condition is inflammation. And that’s when caffeinated skincare regime may come to the rescue.

Having anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine skincare products can help reduce acne, redness, and swelling from your skin.

It Reduces Dark Circles

Ever heard of coffee bean eye cream?

If you’re a coffee fanatic, you must be knowing how coffee beans change by region. But if you want more from your coffee beans (for instance, giving your skin a treat), you wouldn’t resist getting rid of your dark circles with this beauty aid.

Here’s how it works: the caffeine presented in an eye cream shrinks blood vessels under the eyes. This naturally lightens the eye area, hence, reducing dark circles.

If you want to look awake as well as youthful, using a caffeinated eye cream for several days may help lighten the eye bags.  

It’s The New Sunscreen

When combined with caffeine sodium benzoate (caffeine SB), caffeinated sunscreens help prevent the formation of skin cancer that is induced by excessive sun exposure. However, since skin cancer is a common disease, it’s wise to take your doctor’s suggestion before using a caffeinated sunscreen for this specific purpose.

When it’s all about enjoying the beach holiday while applying your favorite gel nail polish but without the fear of getting tanned, coffee grounds can do wonders: the antioxidants present in caffeine help neutralize the free radicals of the skin while increasing the blood flow so your complexion remains unaffected by the UVA and UVB rays.

So, Should You Drink Too Much Coffee For Good Skin?

The answer is, no. Though coffee grounds in skincare products may temporarily help reduce wrinkles and eye puffiness while tightening the skin, this doesn’t mean drinking five cups of coffee per day. In fact, it’s better to maintain a balance: a cup of coffee in the morning is all you need to jumpstart your day. If you exceed the number of coffee cups in your daily routine, you may end up feeling dehydrated. Consequently, your skin may look dry and aged.

But what about using caffeinated skincare products, you ask?

Certainly, caffeine in skincare does have benefits. The best way to find out if a caffeine skin care product range is producing the expected results is to give them a try. If any or all of these products do wonders for your skin, this simply means that caffeine in skincare is good to go!