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How to Add Color to your Wedding Outfit While Still Wearing White

How to Add Color to your Wedding Outfit While Still Wearing White

Everybody knows that the traditional color for brides to wear is white. While styles, lengths, and fabrics vary widely, far and away most wedding dresses share the same color. And honestly, you don’t really want to change that. The history behind the white wedding dress is pretty cool; and besides, you know how awesome you look in that white gown. But what if you want to add just a splash of color, too, just to show how brilliant you are? Well, guess what? No one is going to stop you! Below are three tips for incorporating color into your wedding outfit, even while wearing a traditional white dress.

1. Wear a Colored Bolero. While it may sound a little too different, this style can be done very tastefully. Many wedding dresses are paired with a well-cut bolero. So why not add your own little twist and get a colored bolero instead of a white one?

2. Wear Statement Jewelry. Are you that kind of girl who loves to feel earrings dangling against her cheek? Then statement jewelry is the way to go! Choose a necklace, earrings, or bracelet that show off your colorful personality and tastefully contrast with your white dress.

3. Wear Colorful Shoes. This idea is my personal favorite. Find pumps or sandals that fit with you – because, after all, anything you choose will match with your outfit! Even bright colors like lime green or coral won’t appear overbearing since they are not going to be right up by your face. The possibilities are endless!

While the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress is absolutely beautiful, adding interest through color is a great idea. True, it might not be for everyone. But if you’re that kind of person, don’t let anything get in the way of what you want! For more great ideas on wedding fashion, visit my website. Happy planning!