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Head to Toe Beauty Before the Big (Wedding) Day

Head to Toe Beauty Before the Big (Wedding) Day

Before their weddings, many women are prepping their bodies and hair months (maybe even years) in advance. They get their locks just the right length and shed those pesky pounds in order to fit into their beautiful ball gowns. But what should you do the night before? A beauty routine the night before your special day is a must. You want your skin to glow, your hair to shine, and you want to feel like your most confident self. Here is a “night before” beauty routine specially planned for your big day.

1) Shower Treatment

Before you enter the shower, use a large dry brush on your whole body. Move the brush in circular motions always brushing towards your heart. Dry brushing exfoliates your skin (sloughing off all that dead skin), increases circulation, reduces water retention, and detoxifies your skin.
Upon entering the shower, start with a body scrub. You can use any one of your favorite scrubs, just make sure it is still gentle enough for your sin. This will smooth your skin while prepping for a self tanner (optional) later on in the routine.
Next up is hair removal. Yes, every woman’s favorite part. You can choose to shave or wax depending on your preference. Just remember, if you do shave please use a shave gel (don’t want any cuts on your legs for your big day).
Finish off with your favorite body wash. A moisturizing one is always a good choice.

2) Face & Hair Prep

Start prepping your face with a nice detox face mask (clay masks work great for this step). This will draw out any impurities in your skin, but make sure it is a mask you have tried before. You don’t want to choose one that may cause skin irritation.
While you wait for your face mask to set, you can start your hair mask. A classic hair mask for any hair type is coconut oil. Take at least a tablespoon and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. You can leave this in overnight and wash it out the next morning for a deep treatment.
By this time, your face mask is ready. Take warm water and gently remove the mask from your skin.
Next is another face mask, but this time a deep moisturizing one. Preferably, an overnight moisture mask. Origins has a great mask to use for this step. Then you can wake up to plump, beautiful skin.

3) Body Treatments

If you wish to give your skin a nice tan, self tanning is the next step in this beauty regime. Some women may ask if this is too much for their big day, but no! This is a day you will remember forever, so you want to look your absolute best! If you do choose to self tan, using a glove to spread the tanner is recommended. Make sure you are diligent in the way you rub it in, you don’t want to look splotchy or zebra-like. You also want to choose a self-tanner with a brown undertone so you’re not at risk for looking like an orange mess.
After you’ve rubbed in the self tanner (if you’ve chosen to do so) use a foot and hand cream. This will prevent the tanner from getting stuck in between your fingers and toes and being a darker color than the rest of your body. You’ll have that beautiful ring on your left hand that everyone will be drooling over so definitely don’t skip this step!

4) Beauty Sleep

Your pre-wedding beauty routine is now complete! Just make sure you get plenty of beauty sleep so you look youthful and well rested for your special day!