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Four High Fashion Ways to Wear Lace Thigh Highs

Four High Fashion Ways to Wear Lace Thigh Highs

Stepping into the world of thigh highs can be overwhelming – they’re not like your typical stockings, and thigh highs certainly have an extra air of glamor, high fashion, and edginess to them.

With just a few simple looks, you can easily elevate your outfit with lace thigh highs!

With High-Waisted Shorts

Whether you pull out a pair of black polished cotton shorts that pair with a white top, or light-washed denim shorts with a long-sleeve knit sweater, lace thigh highs and high-waisted shorts just can’t be beat. We love the look of stockings that go up to your knees, and shorts that go up to your hips, leaving a teasing hint of thigh exposed. Wear it to a bar, a club, or to the concert you’ve been looking forward to all month!

With Over-Sized Sweaters

Bundle up for Fall with this one! Pull out your favorite over-sized sweaters and wear them like a mini dress. While the sweaters make you feel comfy cozy and oh-so-friendly, the lace thigh highs are your lace weapon of courage. This is a great look for a night out with friends, a day at the library, or even a cute date with a certain someone.

With a Romper

Take your favorite romper into the chillier months with a little something on your legs. Rompers may be a little on the casual side, but with a pair of sleek thigh highs, you’ll transform your look from day to night in an instant! This works equally well for work as well as for play, so you can keep it going all night long!

With Ankle Boots

Regardless of what clothes you wear, think short on your feet. Chunky ankle boots, low cut heels, and even Oxfords – all look amazing with a lacey thigh high stocking. The delicate thigh high pairs marvelously with the more structured and rugged shoe, giving you a look of total control of your wardrobe.

So how will you wear your lace thigh highs?