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Planning The Perfect Wedding

Planning The Perfect Wedding

All young girls plan their weddings as far back as when they first learn how to play dress-up.  Stuffed-animals have played their parts in a small girl’s mock wedding.  Planning the perfect wedding is a girl’s fantasy; even as this little girl who played dress-up.  With all the years to play-plan their wedding, why does it seem so difficult and stressful when it comes time for the actual one?

Well, it may have something to do with too many hands, with too many opinions.  The bride’s and groom’s families add their weighs in with their opinions, from everything from dress, location, food, and music.  There are also friends, which point out to the bride and the groom, their opinion of the perfect wedding.  It’s a wonder a wedding makes it down the aisle.

Wedding Tips

  • Setting: The ideal setting for the perfect wedding will be a place that is special to both the bride and groom.  Keep away from the notion that bigger and fancier is better.  Better is what will mean something to the bride and groom and their beginning their life together.
  • Decorations: These can be simple or extravagant.  But they also should be a small representation of what is important to the bride and groom.  Look for different location-decoration ideas online, that will help make that perfect wedding.
  • Food and Cake: Simple is fine for the perfect wedding.  Again, taste of the groom and bride is important when making the perfect wedding.  Couples could use a caterer that offers their favorite meals.
  • Dress: This area is completely the brides.  The bride has been dreaming of the perfect wedding all her life.  The dress is a reflection of her dreams.  It’s okay for her to share it with others, but she should be the one to decide on the dress that “makes her feel like a bride”.
  • Entertainment: The perfect entertainment, for the perfect wedding, will depend on the style of the wedding and to the preference of the bride and the groom.

So the perfect wedding, what is it?  Well, it really is quite simple.  It is the celebration for the beginning of the bride and the groom’s life together.  Do spend the time to make it personal and special for the two of you because you will always remember the day as your Big Day!